Healthy School Fundraising

Many schools rely on fundraising to supplement school budgets, pay for equipment and supplies, and fund events. However, with the rise of childhood obesity, schools are rethinking their fundraising campaigns and searching for healthy fundraising alternatives.

In-Dey-Go Fundraising provides excellent opportunities for elementary, junior, and senior high schools to raise funds quickly and easily. In response to the trend towards healthy school fundraising, In-Dey-Go has invested over $125,000 in developing new recipes to meet the healthy school fundraising guidelines.

If your school requires that you meet certain guidelines, it is best to choose from our school-friendly line-up. We offer products that meet the healthy school fundraising guidelines, including our Cookie Dough, Muffin DoughBeef JerkyCoffee and Tea, and select locations can enjoy our Harvest Bundle fundraisers.

Ready to Get Started?

It is never too early to start planning your next fundraising campaign. For a limited time, In-Dey-Go is offering an exclusive offer for fundraising coordinators looking to run a successful fall campaign.

At no additional cost, you will receive:

  • One ebook including tips, tricks, and tools to help support your fundraising efforts
  • Social media and email templates for increased sales
  • One webinar with a question and answer period
  • Digital and print copies of all support documents

For more information or to register, please email Karla Helm at


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